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How to Lose Weight During The Corona Virus Lockdown: Tips for the Indian Home-maker

Maid on leave, kids and husband at home and feeling hungry all the time? You are definitely not alone. During this lockdown, mankind has fallen back on the evergreen ‘timepass’- eating! While making manchurian and cheese balls, you may start to worry if this corona virus situation will lead to all round weight gain.
As a holistic health and happiness Coach, I have a few tips you may find useful. For videos and daily tips you may go to Facebook at, or even grab an e-book copy of my International award-winning book The Body Nirvana: More than just a weight-loss book. Now for the tips: E.A.T.

  1. E is for Exercise. The lockdown may end but some change of lifestyle is going to stay on for a while. Gyms and swimming pools may continue to be closed. Use tools at home to get some exercise. Filled water bottles make great weights to exercise your arms. Bring out the dusty skipping ropes. Use normal elastic from your sewing kit as a stretch band. Don’t forget most types of yoga, pranayama and stretches don’t need props at all.
  2. A is for Accept. When you accept the situation you can make the most of it. This is a good mental place to be in. So use any tools or techniques you can to whole-heartedly accept the present situation. You can call your friends and vent your frustration, write rants, draw your anger, punch a pillow, or make your favourite recipe to release the blocks. Music, laughter and some introspection go a long way in accepting the new situation. As long as you are grumbling, you will push opportunities away.
  3. T is for Tossing a salad. Yes, you are a creative chef. If you put your mind to it you can make appealing dishes with healthy ingredients. Everyone needs some raw foods in their diet. Even if you can’t get your hands on fruits and vegetables, there’s hope. Soak chana (Bengal gram or chickpeas), peanuts, mung whole, or any other whole legume that you have at home. These make great ingredients for a raw salad. Sprinkle with chopped onions, crushed peanuts, tomatoes and green coriander, if available.

While you have so much on your mind, I wanted to ease your mind about weight problems. So I have shared these three tips in an easy to remember way. Remember, we are all in this together. We will come out of this with more love, more wisdom and happy memories.
If you have crushing anxiety, can’t sleep at night, have lost your appetite or otherwise feel like you need help, please write to me at You don’t have to bear this alone.

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