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Use Your Mind to Lose Your Weight

How should you start on your weight loss mission? Watch what you eat and get more exercise, right? WRONG!

Because even before you begin I can predict the results -unsuccessful attempt, regaining lost weight and a fall in self esteem. This prediction comes from years of data gathered in multiple studies. Yet no one thought of telling you.


You were told that there was no good reason to gain weight and there should be no resistance to losing it. ‘Experts’ told you it was simply a math about calorie in versus calorie out. Wrong again.

Why you gained weight

We gain weight not because we dramatically increase the number of calories we eat. Or even due to sudden laziness. It is because for some reason our mind-body unit chose to reduce our metabolic rate, convert food to fat and store a large portion of what we ate. Yes, the body has a way to take even fresh green leaves you have eaten and convert it to fat. It will helpfully keep this around your upper arm, belly and butt, just in case… Just dandy, isn’t it?

Happy, permanent weight loss

The body is wise.So what does mind body medicine tell us about weight loss? There is a better way to lose weight than fighting with the body.

  • Unearth the reasons why we gained weight.
  • Work on them directly.

When the reasons no longer exist, the body will be primed to lose weight. At that time, every calorie you shave off from your diet, every calorie you burn with activity will stay away for good.


New view of health


Regrettably, we have moved away from the homely comfort of a family doctor to line up for specialists and super specialists.Modern medicine looks at man as a collection of separate parts. The more we understand how each part functions, the more confidently we make the error of seeing each in a silo, cut off from the rest of the person.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of mind and body, where an MD in Medicine and an MD in Psychiatry seem to have nothing to say to each other. I suppose this is convenient for teachers, and keeps the length of medicine course reasonable. But convenience comes at a severe price.

Mind-Body Wellness


When you experience the world you are one whole.The physical senses detect the environment. This triggers chemicals and electric impulses on the inside. They guide our organs of action like legs, and arms to act. Or make us think in a specific direction. The chemicals and impulses also trigger emotions like joy or fear inside us. The whole circuitry is a single unit.

There is no way to create an emotion without triggering the relevant physical processes inside the body. These physical processes that create the emotional state also talk to our organs like kidneys, liver, heart, and gut. They influence how each organ functions. One unit.

For happy, permanent, holistic weight loss what you need is not sacrifice or diet plan but greater self love and a burning life purpose

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