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Dear Reader,

You have reached this far, thanks for engaging with my work! I am a psychologist but write mostly about holistic health, mind-body wellness, and especially about weight loss. Know why? Because I see that our world has artificially broken us down into a body and a mind –like the two have nothing to do with one another. Isn’t that just crazy?

I believe that the Mind is the missing piece of the weight loss puzzle. When I gain weight, isn’t there something going on in my life that contributes to it –like maybe financial stress, exam, pressure of parenthood etc.? During the phase when I feel most energetic and fit, isn’t my life and emotion in greater balance those days? The mind, our emotions are a physical reality. Each feeling is created through chemicals and nerve signals inside the body. It surprises me that we continue to talk of weight loss in purely body-level way –‘count calories, eat A versus B, work out’! Whereas the truth is, our mind is actively involved in creating weight gain. Our body also uses its inherent wisdom in this choice. We gain weight because we needed to.

Wanna know a fab secret? If we are able to remove the conditions that made our mind and body choose weight gain, then weightloss becomes natural! Funny thing is, the science that tells us all this is already there. Sports medicine, mindfulness practitioners, doctors, psychologists, physical trainers, all know how health is a combination of mind and body. They know equally well that weight does not come off unless the mind and body are attuned to it. Yet, they continue to serve stale information, keep us focused on exercise or diet, and never give us the complete picture. (I am not pointing fingers. Truth is they probably never learned in their college degrees about how to use these facts. They want to help, but don’t know how).

So what did I do? I wrote a book, as a psychologist, about weight loss. No diets or exercise plans in it. Only the skinny on the mind-game of weight loss, and how to win it! In a sentence, the more we go inwards, feel self love, flow through our difficult feelings with a certain self assurance, the more we increase happiness and health –for life! The body then naturally sheds excess weight until it is in a comfortable balance. No fights ?

So I am a full-time Author and  Mind-Body Wellness Coach. I help clients see how their mind, emotions and attitudes are affecting their weight struggles. Readers/ clients are able to reach the core of their struggle, erase the reason for it and enjoy a lifetime of freedom from excess weight. You can read regular tips on using our mind for peak physical health at  www.facebook.com/TheBodyNirvana

Besides my avatar as a coach and writer, I am an educator, singer, dancer and mom of two. I have been coaching since 2008. I teach Masters level courses in Psychology and have been a teacher’s trainer. I give talks on positive psychology and conduct workshops for corporates and psychology students on counselling and mind-body health. I love to write articles on parenting that are published in Responsible Parenting magazine as also pediatric website www.charakclinics.com and nutritional supplement website www.chubears.com

I am married to a blessing of a man Rishi and have two girls Meera (born 2006) and Sara (born 2010). I am blessed to be trained in Indian classical singing by Guru Ramamoorthy Rao, a senior disciple of the legendary Pt Bhimsen Joshi. For fun, I record covers for songs at home and host on my youtube channel called Naked Voices. I have also trained for years in the classical dance form of Kathak under Guru Yogini Gandhi.

My desire to help also finds expression with Indian Association of Muscular Dystrophy (IAMD). I volunteer in various roles as needed, including that of wellness coach. Sometimes all someone needs is an ear.

Though my mom is probably the only one who cares about this, academically, I’ve always done well. I received straight A’s and a GPA of 4.0/ 4.0 in the Advanced Course in Rehabilitation from UMDNJ, USA during my stay in New Jersey. In India I was the University rank holder in both Masters and Bachelors degrees in Psychology from Savitribai Phule Pune University. After Master’s in Psychology I won the highly prestigious Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) awarded by the UGC-NET committee. I also secured admission through the Nehru Fellowship to Cambridge University, London for PhD on cross cultural women studies. I have international accreditations including Permanent Member of Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS), Member of New Zealand Association for Positive Psychology (NZAPP), Member of Integrative Medicine and Holistic Health Association (IMHHA).

Out here, I am just a soothing voice that will hold your hand and guide you into your own confidence and fullest expression of beauty.

Come, let us journey together!

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