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How to handle gripping panic and loneliness during the lockdown? A guest post by blogger Subhashree

When you are stuck at home and unsure about your future, health, or finances, tension is bound to grasp you. But will that do any good for you? NO!

Let me start with a small story. A few days back I talked to a doctor who is serving Covid-19 patients in Singapore. She is willfully offering her volunteering service for the needy patients. She has two adult sons and husband at home. Every alternative week she serves the patients with all precautions.

I asked her, “Are you not afraid of contracting the disease?”

She replied, “Actually no, I don’t fear because I know I am taking all precautions and I am performing my duty of being a responsible doctor by serving my patients. Rest is all up to God, no one can change his plan for me.”

  • You are not the only one- The entire world is affected by the pandemic and you should not overstress yourself by asking ‘Why Me’. Some people have lost their loved ones due to this pandemic but they are still standing strong for their family. And you cannot change the situation by continuously stressing out.
  • Do your part- There are things in life that we cannot control, and this situation is one such. So, we should do our duty to save ourselves and leave the rest to Almighty. Overthinking can bring more harm to our health. Let us practice good personal hygiene and eat healthy to keep ourselves fit. We must also practice healthy lifestyle habits such as good sleep, proper intake of immunity-boosting food, avoiding sugary food, etc.
  • Share household chores- I have been talking much regarding sharing household responsibilities these days. When we are at home all the time, let’s not overburden a few with all the work. Instead, share responsibilities to make your relationships grow.
  • Take advantage of latest technology- News about the pandemic is coming to us in all forms through all resources. Limit intake of information about the stressful situation by setting a routine for it. Try and talk to your family members at home to share your thoughts. Take up lighter issues, look through the old family albums, recall the good times you have spent together, and so on. Try to connect to relatives through video calls and talk to them about your interest in hobbies to keep away loneliness.
  • Everything in this world has two facets. So think about the positive side of the current situation. Use your time at home to build memories, strengthen family bonds, and practice something that you have long desired. This will help you stay away from feelings of stress and loneliness.

About the author
Subhasree is the creator behind MOM I LOVE, a platform for motherhood, parenting, and family relationships. She is an expat mother residing in Singapore. Subhasree has come up with her YouTube channel named MOM I LOVE by SUBHASREE. The motto behind creating the brand MOM I LOVE is to help parents to make their parenting journey easy while taking care of their relationships and mental being.

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